Does Videxport grow their own products?
Yes. Videxport has its own fields and is responsible for planting, cultivating, and harvesting all their products personally.

What method is used to grow their products?
We rely on the conventional style.

Where can I buy VIDEXPORT grapes and watermelons?
Videxport grapes and watermelons can be bought in supermarkets or large membership stores in the United States, Mexico and London. We suggest you contact the store first to confirm the existence and availability.


How does VIDEXPORT harvest its grapes?
All our grapes are handpicked and packed directly in the field.

What should I check before buying grapes?
You should avoid clusters with different shades of color in their grain, look for cluster that are complete and to check if the product is fresh shake the cluster. If some is threshed, it means that they aren't really fresh.

Do grapes need to be kept refrigerated?

Yes. Fresh grapes are highly perishable fruits, it is recommended to keep them at a controlled temperature between 0°C and 5°C. Refrigeration prolongs life and retains its freshness for a little longer.

Is it necessary to wash the grapes before eating them?
Like any other fresh fruit, it is advisable to wash the grapes before eating them.


How do we harvest watermelons in VIDEXPORT?
All our watermelons are collected in the field and moved to out packing facilities for hand packed..

What should I check before I buy watermelon?
There are several points to evaluate in watermelons:
1. Look for a good sized watermelon with no scars, cuts or soft spots.
2. Don't forget that watermelon is 80% water, so you should pick the one that feels heavy for its size.
3. Lightly tap with your knuckle or palm the watermelon. If the sound produced is hollow -with a little eco-, it indicates maturity. The more hollow the sound, the better the watermelon.
4. Make sure that the back of the watermelon, the stain is yellow not white. This stain indicates the area were the watermelon was resting in the ground until maturity.

What is the best way to preserve the watermelon?

To maintain freshness in a watermelon without breaking, the ideal thing to do is to keep it at room temperature. If you want to extend freshness a little more, preserve it at a 13 °C temperature.

Is it necessary to wash the watermelon before eating it?
Regardless of how you consume the product, it is best to use water and a small brush to scrub the rind of the watermelon and remove dust and germs from the outside.


Does VIDEXPORT handles a Safety Program?
Our fruit is produced under the highest safety standards. As producers we are attached to regulatory safety programs and those that our costumers request. In order to ensure compliance with these programs, we receive several audits in our fields, packing facilities and cold rooms in each season.

Does VIDEXPORT add dyes or artificial coloring to their fruits?
No, Videxport fruits are sweet and their appearance and color are totally natural. Nor are genetically modified, we only use traditional methods to achieve the best quality.

Does VIDEXPORT uses pesticides?

The use of pesticides is avoided as constantly as possible. We work under the program "Integrated Pest Management" which aims to implement the least amount of chemicals and at the lowest dose possible, in order to achieve a natural healthy fruit. In case to require pesticide application, they meet with the requirements by the law –both in the producer and the host country- and are exclusively products that appear on official approved products lists, respecting the confidence intervals and times of return to all time and all that is indicated on the product to apply.