It is usually the first variety to be harvested during the season, the berries are round, seedless, and crystalline green. The clusters are medium size and its name comes from French which means "Little Pearl".
In this variety the cluster is medium to large size; the berries are round have a bright red color, and a strong sweet flavor.
Early Sweet
Seedless variety; the berries have a large size and a light green color. The sugar level is generally high, very juicy, and a slight Muscat taste. It keeps well.
Also known as "Superior". It has elongated and large berries, seedless, sweet taste, and light green color. Its pulp consistency is slightly crisp.
Black Seedless
This variety is originary from California. The clusters go from medium to large size. Its berries are elongated, especially sweet, seedless, and black.
Red Globe
Also known as "Uva Globo" this is a large size, big seeds, and firm rind variety of grapes. It has a slightly sweet flavor.