Social responsibility
The program's goal is to strengthen throughout projects the health, skills and education (human values and academic) of our workers in order for them to be less vulnerable to poverty, hoping to develop constructive and supportive communities in their place of origin.

Project Areas

Improvement of facilities
- The purpose is to create a dignified environment that encourages and facilitates rest and personal hygiene practices.

Health and Hygiene
- It aims to strengthen the health and hygiene of our workers as a first step towards improving their quality of life.

Academic Education and Human Values

– We encourage the study as a base for personal growth and inner character formation of our people so they can develop life habits aimed at solidity life and the construction of healthy societies.

Positive Leisure Time Occupation
– We offer healthy alternatives where the workers develop their skills, mind and body during rest days. This would keep our people off the streets and addictions

Distinctive Obtained
• From 2010 to this day "Distinctive Company Agricultural Child Labor Free"
• All the way from 2011 "Educational Backwardness Free Enterprise"
• Since 2012, FairTrade certification, also known as Comercio Justo.

How do we do?

Through inter-institutional cooperation and internal campaigns we work with our staff.