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Experience Experience

Our experience in the market is supported by certifying institutions that ensure that good agricultural and manufacturing practices are conducted in Videxport. This allows us to offer a product that meets quality standards expected in the current markets.

primus gfs

Recognized system by GFSI (Global food Safety Initiative) which we have obtained through PrimusLabs endorsing the certification of our products in Good Agricultural Practices and Manufacturing through in-site inspections.

global g.a.p.

EUROGAP certification program that evaluates our fulfillment with a series of rules referring to Good Agricultural Practices carried out in field and packing facilities. This program is concerned with the care of the crops through techniques such as Integrated Pest Management but its main focus is taking care of the agricultural impact to keep our environment and biodiversity balanced.


Evaluates the performance of the System Contamination Risk Reduction (SRRC) in the production of primary food, through the fulfillment of the implementation measures and procedures to ensure that during the production process the vegetables and fruits obtain optimal health conditions reducing physical, chemical and biological pollution.

mexico calidad suprema

Public/private partnership founded in the early 2000’s. Its mission is to train and certify Mexico agricultural producers in food safety and sanitation protocols. Producers who successfully complete the rigorous educational and monitoring program are awarded the Seal of Excellence (at left) that can be used on all their products and packaging. This Seal — much like the well-recognized Good Housekeeping Seal — immediately identifies a superior product to receivers and consumers.


This program tracks the agreement with the Government of the United States to combat bioterrorism and prevent any type of risk within our procedures, primarily in shipping and transportation so when our exported product arrives at the office in the US, the product would be free of any object or terrorist act.


This certification system is for those products that accomplish environmental, labor and development standards established by FairTrade Labeling Organization International.